Indian Government Employment Benefits

The government jobs have always been linked with good enough compensation and employee benefits. However, now with the sixth pay commission in place this has even got better.

The government wants to attract the best of talent and turn the way the government organizations are run into modern and professional outfits. This can only happen if they have top-notch personnel. In order to attract the very best human resources they have left no stone unturned.


Hence let us enumerate the benefits that a government employee gets:

  • The very first benefit that one gets is the pay structure that is almost similar to what one would get in the corporate sector. The salary that the government employee gets at the end of the month will be something that he will not have anything to complain about.
  • Think of any benefit and the government employee gets them. Be it the off repeated ones such as provident fund or pension plans to the others such as medical, housing, education, child care, travel and so forth. The government of India is quite liberal with the benefits that it allocates it employees.
  • An Indian government job allows you to work for two more years then the corporate sector because of the age limit. When everyone retires at 58 you will continue to work and be productive until the age of 60.
  • All the government projects are five year plans with mammoth investments. Hence, you will have lots of learning with lateral movements within the government sector. Therein your skill sets will increase phenomenally.
  • The government is an extremely secure sector. Hence, you need not worry about pink slips or the recession getting to you. You are assured of a job as long as you want it.
  • The government sector is not hell bent on profits hence you will not be driven up the bend trying to make profits for your company. Even if you break even in projects it is fine.
  • The Indian economy is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore there are lots of vacancies opening up in the government sector almost every day. Therefore there is going to be no job stagnation for you.
  • The government sector works on huge projects that take years to complete. Therefore, you will not be concerned about constant measurement of your productivity and regular appraisals.
  • The government will allow you to become a part of several professional organizations and hence this will help develop your career. You will have several ways to develop a career path for yourself.
  • The government sector allows you to be promoted based on length of service rather than just merit. Hence, you will not get to hear promotions based on meritocracy or shape up or ship out in the government sector.
  • The best part is that you will not have any stress or burnout.

With all these benefits at your doorstep a government job is the most lucrative one at this point of time.

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